If you’ve never heard of TinyChat before it might be because it actually doesn’t really qualify as a random chat room site. You see, it actually isn’t one of the many¬†sites like Omegle or Chatroulette, but instead offers some much different functionality. Generally speaking, what they offer is a group chat room environment where everyone can see everyone else that happens to be in the same room. In other words, it’s a generic old fashioned chat room. So, you might be thinking, why should I care about something like that? Well, they’ve added some pretty cool twists to their offering. First of all, you can create your very own chat room instantly with a single click! That’s right, one click, and no registration necessary – it doesn’t get any easier than that folks. Now, you’re probably thinking if it’s that easy the features must suck. Well, they don’t! In fact, it’s a feature rich, reliable, easy-to-use application.

Every room on TinyChat contains a video chat capability, which is obviously super important these days – everyone wants to see everyone else live on cam. And then in addition, you can just head over to the site and not even have to worry about creating your own room if you don’t want to. Instead, you can choose from a nice big list of chat rooms that have already been created and have active users in them. In other words, even though this isn’t a random chat site, you can still easily talk to strangers without a problem. So, the format is different but if your goal is to meet new people, this site is still a great option for you and you should definitely check TinyChat¬†out. http://www.tinychat.com