This an up and coming site in the random chat apps category, and for good reason. RandomSkip has the usual random video chat rooms we have come to expect from all sites like Omegle and Chatroulette, but then it takes things much further as far as choices and functionality is concerned. It is for this reason, that it is continuing to grow in popularity, but I’m sure you want more details. What this site offers is three different ways for you to talk to strangers. Similar to Omegle, Random Skip has a random text chat separated from the video chat app. However, the text version has unique features that you can find hardly anywhere else, and that’s really what sets this site apart. The key extra feature it has is the ability to send and receive images with your chat partners. Omegle still has yet to add this feature, and who knows if they ever will, but RandomSkip went ahead and did it, and we love them for it. You only have to upload your photos from your camera roll one time per visit to the website and then you can use them in as many conversations as you desire. Then, when you’re done, any pictures you uploaded are deleted within 24 hours – pretty cool huh?

Another extra addition this website has brought into the mix is a group chat room format where everyone in the room can see everybody else in the same room. This, of course, is the more traditional online chat style, and I’m sure you’ve used it before. However, the software application it runs on is top of the line, and includes multiple cam watching capabilities, so that you can live video stream yourself while watching lots of other people at the same time – it’s pretty nifty. So yea, if you’re looking to chat with strangers, this is one cool place to do it, so check them out: https://www.randomskip.com/omegle