If you’ve been using random chat room sites for a while and you haven’t even heard of Omegle, you are either living under a rock or you are really bad at branching out and discovering new things in life. Omegle is, by all accounts, the most popular random chat app on the internet. I suppose there’s a chance it may not be the most widely known though, because it never received all the press that Chatroulette did back when it initially came out. Of course, Chatroulette got quite a bit of negative press as well due to the nudity problem that continuously plagued it, causing many people to be turned off to it and never want to visit the site again. Omegle, on the other hand, took that problem and found a way to try and resolve it through the addition of moderators. This, as you might expect, helped them gain a whole lot of traction, and caused their popularity to soar well above that of Chatroulette, such that now Omegle is the most popular website of its kind on the internet – and rightly so.

On top of just offering the usual 1-on-1 random stranger chat partner setup, Omegle goes a step further by breaking it down into two major options: text chat and video chat. This is an awesome addition, because some users may not be able to use their webcam depending on the device, but also because people like to have the choice as to whether or not they want to show themselves. Some people like to chat online precisely so that they can be a mysterious person with no known identity. Being completely anonymous and being able to jump into conversations can be intriguing and entertaining. Anyway, if you haven’t already visited Omegle for some super weird reason, make sure you give them a try.