Meet Skip

If you haven’t heard of Meet Skip yet, you definitely need to keep reading, because it’s an awesome site & app for chatting. The name is catchy, and it describes exactly what they provide: random chat rooms for you to meet strangers and then skip to the next person as you please. But wait, that probably sounds like all the other sites or apps like Omegle on the internet doesn’t it? Well, this one is a bit different. MeetSkip is perfectly designed to work seamlessly on all different devices. Other websites will often claim they work well on different device sizes, but there will usually be a certain screen size that screws the free chat app up. If you really want to be able to chat online without any issues, finding a site that actually works perfect is very difficult. But, that’s not the only reason Meet Skip is awesome, that’s just the beginning!

The other main feature that sets this app apart from all the other talk to strangers websites, is the ability for you to share photos from your camera roll with your chat partners. Even the almighty Omegle does not have that feature! This is obviously a very important capability to have, because being able to send pictures can make the difference between actually making friends or not. Usually you will want to at least see each other’s pics before you exchange contact information, that’s just how it is. Or, if your goal is not to necessarily meet friends but instead to just illustrate your topic of conversation, images also play an important role. It is human nature to want to be able to visualize things, that’s why television shows are more popular than radio shows, and so on. Anyway, hopefully by now I’ve convinced you to give this stranger chat site a try, so head on over to the Random Chat Rooms Online by right away! Remember, it’s completely free and there is no registration required.