Once upon a time there were no random video chat room sites on the internet. There were random text chat sites such as Omegle, but none of them had that super important video streaming capability. Then, all of the sudden, Chatroulette emerged. As you might imagine, the addition of video to the random stranger connection concept was huge. The impact of such an addition cannot be understated – being able to instantly visualize your chat partner combined with never knowing what you’re going to see next – from pranks to beauty to disgusting scenes. You just don’t know what you’re going to get, and you get it instantly, and then you can switch to the next person instantly as well. So, given the novelty of the concept and the entertainment factor it provided, it was no surprise how quickly Chatroulette rose to massive popularity, but it definitely had a lot of media attention help.

However, Chatroulette today is nowhere near the level of popularity it once was at. This can be attributed to a lot of different factors. One such factor is of course, Omegle, which quickly put out its own video chat feature not long after Chatroulette jumped onto the scene. Not only that, but they added their own extra features such as moderators to help quell the annoying nudity issue. This of course helped them to overtake Chatroulette, along with other factors such as Chatroulette changing the way their site worked by adding in a login system and what not. While there are positives to the login system, the decrease in anonymity that accompanies it likely scared off a lot of former users. Either way, the site still has plenty of users online at any given time to make it worthwhile to visit, so make sure you at least give this random video chat pioneer of a website a try: